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Our Mission

Providing an intimate living experience to your loved one

Meet The Founders

Kyle opened Newell Strength while he was still a health and physical education teacher in Bridgewater, NJ.  Since 2007, Newell Strength has grown to be the premier fitness facility in Central Jersey, with 244 members.  


The second location of Newell Strength was recently opened in Flemington, NJ.  Kyle also owns 20 rental properties along with his brother Shane, in Newell Capital.  


“The reason I would like to become involved in senior home space is because I have seen a need within my own family; older grandparents that couldn’t stay home anymore but they also didn’t want to be in a big box, cafeteria-style facility.  This model is truly a home with safety and services in a small, caring, family atmosphere.  It’s where I would want to live! “

Shane is a CFA Charterholder and works full-time as a Managing Director for a financial asset valuation company, where he helps lead a team of 50 employees.

Besides his full-time job, Shane is the CFO for Newell Strength, a family-owned group fitness business with two locations, Hillsborough and Flemington NJ. Additionally, Shane owns over 35 residential rental units and has renovated and sold numerous properties over the years.


Shane has always been an entrepreneur / investor.  Shane graduated from the University of Maryland in 2005 with degrees in Finance and General Business and Management. He has been married for 11 years and has 3 children.

“The reason I decided to become involved in the senior living industry is because I have seen the types of "homes" my older relatives have lived in over the years and they were simply a number in a facility too large to truly know them and care for them the correct, caring way that a family member deserves. Our home is upscale with superior services and pays the utmost attention to residents as our capacity is 15 residents. This is where I would want to live when I grow older! "

The Lambertville Estate Owners and Founders
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