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3 Easy Meal Prep Ideas For Mom and Dad

Updated: Sep 23, 2023

Preparing meals for your loved one living alone that can easily be microwaved or eaten cold will help them enjoy well balanced nutrition while avoiding the need or desire to use the stove top or oven.

Meal prep containers can be purchased on a budget from the dollar store. Organize these containers by meal. One type or colored container for each category "breakfast, lunch and dinner". Clearly label each container for which meal it should be eaten for. **as an extra tip, add a specific time of day to enjoy. For example "Lunch 12:00 PM"

Post a "key" on the front of the refrigerator for Mom and Dad or anyone in the house to see and understand. Leave heating or serving instructions next to each meal.

You may be reading this saying, "Kristina, I don't even have the time to prepare a home cooked meal for my own family with school, sports, kids and work. How am I supposed to find a moment to prepare 3 meals every week, label them, and drop them off to Mom and Dad"

If this is you, let's talk about other options. I am happy to sit and listen to your concerns, struggles, and help to find a solution.

(609) 460-4497

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