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Don't Risk It!

How many of us have visited a friend or family member in assisted living and inspected their "hospital band" to find out they've been labeled a "fall risk". This is pretty typical, but it might not be for the reason you may think. Hospitals and facilities label patients a fall risk to relieve themselves of a liability that could be caused by high care ratios and understaffing. The best way you can advocate for your loved one is by helping them to follow these 5 tips. Display these with confidence and you should be able to avoid being labeled "a fall risk"!

When you're discharged from the hospital or rehabilitation center, seek out an assisted living with a lower care ratio. Lower care ratio means more chances for one on on interaction between your loved one and a staff member. The Lambertville Estate tops the charts providing care for 5 residents to 1 staff, when the big box competitors are "offering" 10 to 1. See the difference for yourself, schedule a tour!

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