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Happy Holidays!

It’s the most wonderful time of the year!

The holidays are approaching, which means it’s time to start thinking about the perfect gift for your loved ones. While it’s easy to buy gifts for your children, and friends, it’s not so simple to think of the perfect gift for Mom, Dad, or a loved one living in a retirement home. This year I’m here to provide the ultimate do’s and don'ts of gift giving in assisted living.


Do give gifts that make your loved ones feel special. A single serve treat, special drink or something sweet to enjoy while you’re visiting is a great way to make them feel remembered.

Do gift clothing! Socks, sweaters and scarves are great gifts that will keep your loved one warm, and update their closet with cozy accessories.

Do remember the things they need! Personal care items make great gifts. Shampoo, body lotion, new hair brushes and even tooth brushes aren’t replaced as often as they should be. Make a gift basket with colorful bows so your loved one feels like you went the extra mile to spoil them.

Do bring photos, old and new. Photo albums and framed portraits of the past and the present to enjoy together. Display them around their room or apartment and talk about the memories when you visit.


Don’t give items that take up a lot of counter space or floor space. These items can interrupt their routine or become overwhelming for your loved one. Simplicity is key.

Don’t give heavy perfumes or colognes. In roommate situations or sitting in close quarters for an activity, heavy scented perfumes or colognes may disturb friends with respiratory concerns.

Don’t bring items that require upkeep. Houseplants, flowers, calendars all require the attention and upkeep of your loved one, but they may not always be able to care for these items the way you intended them to. Oftentimes gifts like these require the attention of staff members to maintain, which is not always available. The safety and comfort of your loved one is their priority.

Don’t bring food items that require refrigeration. A single serve one time treat will help your loved one stay successful. Even if they have a refrigerator in their room/apartment, not everyone will be able to remember when it was brought.

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