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Cherish Your Elders

I can remember Chrissy, my grandmother, on the left, giving me chocolate milk money when we used to live with her back in the late 80’s.

She always had so much love for us and was ever so careful at giving advice in her loving way, never pushing.

My Aunt Vinny, pictured on the right, recently deceased, Chrissy’ sister, used to babysit us back in those days too.

We’d go there after school, watch a little Dennis the Menace, while having oreo cookies, which we would dip in water, because she never had any milk around.


Aunt Vinny was always taking us to the baseball card shop when she would watch us once we moved.

In fact, it was Aunt Vinny that bought me my very first Playboy Magazine. Somehow I talked her into doing that, hey, I can be persuasive sometimes….

Anyhow, I am very fortunate to still have Chrissy with us, a rare thing when you get to be 40 years old.

But, I look back at all the memories with the two of them and it’s ever so important to remember to cherish the seniors in your life that are still with you.

Seniors are living history books, full of fascinating wisdom, experiences and stories.

Yet, we normally go about our business, not taking full advantage and appreciation of them.

One of the best things I remember doing with Leo, my grandfather, was when I would go out to get pizza with him, before seeing a movie and ask him questions. I did that all the way up until 2020, when we saw our last ever movie together, because the theaters would soon close because of the VID.

Our seniors are a link to our heritage, to a time gone by, never to be repeated again in history, just as you are living through your own unique point in history.

Honor the seniors around you.

Ask them questions, lots of questions.

Pass on their wisdom, that way they can live on forever on this mortal earth.

Think Differently - Kyle Newell

P.S.-If you’d like to find out more about our Senior Home, the Lambertville Estate, you can go to

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