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Why We Do What We Do...

Updated: Feb 8, 2022

I never thought I would find myself on the career path I'm on right now. 8 years ago I found myself in a position, needing to make a decision on what the next move was. Looking at my life, where I've been, where I wanted to be going, I decided on Customer Service. I'm sure you're thinking how original I am right now, but it's different for me. I am the type of person, that really enjoys an experience. Start to finish, small details that provide for one amazing result. I worked through many jobs, learning as much as possible until I was offered the position of "Director of Customer Service" at a local health club. All my hard work, and perseverance had paid off. Fast forward to COVID-19, and my amazing opportunity disappeared when all of the shut down's came into effect. Of all the things I'd never have thought I'd find myself doing after that, was Homecare.

I saw an ad posted for an Office Manager at a local Homecare Agency. I didn't know much about the senior population, but I did know administrative work, and it was something I was good at. I figured it would be something to get me by until I could get back on my Customer Service path. What I encountered, and learned spending the majority of my time, supporting the actual homecare staff is what changed everything for me. As I moved up in the ranks, graduating from Office Manager to Scheduler, I became more involved with the needs of our clients and caregivers. I heard stories of the relationships made between them, and most importantly provided support to families who were transitioning to home care and my love for the senior population began to grow stronger. In this industry not everyone is given a heart to serve. There is a difference. Us as care staff are here to help, to provide support, advice, suggestions, and be a friend to those who need us. I never thought I would have found myself as the Assistant Manager of a luxury Senior Residence, but I also have never felt more fulfilled in my career, loved and supported by our residents and my colleagues, and just happier in life. There is a difference here in what we do. The idea of providing quality to the years, being a second family, and truly getting to know the heart of each resident who comes and stays with us is why we do what we do.

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